Honeywell announce new Fire alarm system

Honeywell announce new Fire alarm system

Honeywell has announced the launch of the Morley-IAS Max fire detection and alarm system, designed to help improve building and occupant safety.

The new alarm system features a seven-inch touch screen panel with an intuitive user interface, using colour-coded buttons and modern technologies to ensure the fastest form of communication between screens on different floors.

“Honeywell’s Morley-IAS Max panel helps to create safer spaces for building occupants, while also enabling building owners to better adhere to standard safety guidelines,” explained Lionel Caillat, general manager and vice-president of fire systems for Honeywell Europe.

“The product is designed to eliminate the time-consuming and technically difficult installation of add-on components. It communicates clearly and unambiguously and efficiently manages complicated evacuation strategies in the event of an emergency scenario.”

Appropriate for commercial, education, healthcare establishments and more, the system is perfect for retrofit projects due to backward compatibility with older fire detection systems, alongside its high-quality design that allows it to fit into any style of interior design.

High-quality interconnected alarm systems with responsive user interfaces (UI) are necessary for larger operations. Especially where workers on one side of an interconnected area need to quickly respond to alerts or potential fires on the other side of an area. The quick spread and interactivity of information is necessary and can often save lives.

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