3D Laser scanning in Fire Investigation

3D Laser scanning in Fire Investigation

Fire Investigators arrive at a scene in which almost all details have been completely burned away.

The height of objects, colour, design and in some cases, even the original position of objects can be completely different following a fire, compared to at the beginning of a fire scenario.

The marketplace requires methods of recreating these scenes, one such innovation is that of 3D laser scanning technology, which can be used to rebuild a room by determining the height of objects and giving investigators the required details to then begin filling in the gaps.

Not only does this enable a Fire Investigator to rebuild the necessary details of a scene, but the investigator is able to do so with no risk whatsoever.

Without 3D scanning technology, Fire Investigators may be forced to tread on unstable ground or push into potentially toxic spaces.

In 2016, a fire broke out in Deira, killing over 16 individuals. In a city filled with high-rise buildings vulnerable to the spread of fire, the cause of these fires must be identified as quickly as possible. In a damaged highrise building, however, accessing rooms and doing so in a safe way can be extremely time-consuming, as a result, this proved to be the perfect test for 3D Laser Scanning technology.

More scenarios involving the technology are to come, and new innovations are being introduced across all aspects of the market.