3 Injured in Iran Marketplace Fire

3 Injured in Iran Marketplace Fire

A fire has broken out in the largest marketplace in Iran, the capital Tehran.

The fire took place on the 7th of June, tearing through the marketplace which held a number of flammable goods ready to be purchased.

The fire took place at 10. am local time on Tuesday. Firefighters from eight different fire stations were sent to the scene, quickly responding to stop the fire reaching a point where it would be spreading incrementally faster.

Damage has been contained and the spread of the fire was quickly brought under control thanks to these various firefighting teams.

As a result of the fire, three people have been injured. Luckily, however, no one has lost their lives.

The discussion has been promised by the Tehran Fire Department to look into the storage of flammable substances. Anything from t-shirts to building materials, to old wiring can lead to a large fire, especially when these flammable things are held together in condensed spaces.

According to Tehran Fire Department spokesperson Jalal Maleki, the fire in the marketplace started as a result of improper storing of paste in a 1000 square meter building in the Tehran Grand Bazaar.