23 years of Smokin’ Gun Aerosol Adapter

23 years of Smokin’ Gun Aerosol Adapter

For the last 23 years, aerosol delivery systems have continued to innovate – and safety standards have continued to rise.

The industry constantly needs an aerosol delivery system that can be used safely and cost-effectively and enables professionals to get the job done effectively.

Enter the Smokin’ Gun, a versatile, innovative product from HSI Fire, which directs an aerosol spray to be more effective. Using the gun, an aerosol safety professional can spray harder-to-reach spots and do so in a way that doesn’t use excess aerosol – thereby saving money, time and effort.

The Smokin’ Gun is designed to be used with the 25S Smoke Check Smoke Detector Tester. Through a quick spray, smoke and harmful chemicals that are in the air are easily identified, which in turn ensures the safety of individuals about to use the space in question.

HSI Fire advertises the Smokin’ Gun as quick, easy, accurate and re-usable, designed to be used both by hand and with the Versa-Tools line of professional equipment which are also produced by HSI Fire.

Other sprayers and aerosol adaptors are available, some designed with one particular spray to be used, however, there are other adaptors in the marketplace which can be used with a wide variety of products.

Find more on the Smokin’ Gun through the official page on HSI Fire’s website.