Magirus’ M-Eye Drone

Magirus’ M-Eye Drone

Emergency forces must be able to react quickly and purposefully in emergency situations – the solution, the M-Eye Magirus drone, providing firefighters and rescue organisations with situation reconnaissance and mission monitoring from the air.

Drones have become an indispensable part of tactical and operational command and control due to the considerable added value they provide for detailed information gathering. In this context, a UAV should not only be seen as self-sufficient but should be able to be seamlessly integrated into existing networks.

“Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the M-Eye drone, emergency forces have access to high-resolution images and video footage for situation surveillance and assessment of the hazardous situation. This not only minimises the risk for the rescue forces. M-Eye enables full integration into the mobile, tactical operations network Magirus TacticNet and is thus an important link between digital systems, people and technology on the ground. Ideally, it can also be used to accompany other unmanned vehicles such as robots like the Wolf R1.”

As a powerful quadrocopter with a maximum take-off weight of 4,000 grams, the Magirus MEye is specially designed for use by authorities and organisations with security tasks. In addition, the drone has a dual RTK navigation sensor that allows positioning accuracy in the centimetre range.

Find out more about the M-Eye Magirus drone, through the products section on Magirus’ official site.