Vogt-CTE introduces BaseCampConnect land-rescue technology

Vogt-CTE introduces BaseCampConnect land-rescue technology

Vogt-CTE has introduced the newest addition to the BaseCampConnect solutions lineup.

BaseCampConnect NEXT is for emergency communications and is an expandable system that features an affordable core.

Both small and scalable, it comes complete with voice, data and radio interoperability for any type of emergency situation, that may come about in public safety situations, or within non-governmental organisations or private businesses.

The solutions allows emergency responders to share radio channels, receive calls from multiple locations, connect radios to IP networks and connect to networks in a variety of ways.

Accessories can be added as necessary to expand the value of the solution. Options for expansion include antennas, telephones and other related accessories.

Interoperable and resilient communication systems are critical for responders, especially in emergencies and other disaster solutions. Interoperable communication systems need to be streamlined and effective, able to transmit information quickly and effectively, significantly improving collaboration and coordination.

When an emergency situation occurs, it can be firefighters, police and other government organisations that need to respond. Through interoperable technology such as BaseCampConnect, different teams can quickly sync together to reliably send information back and forth, even during power outages, natural disasters or cyber-attacks.

BaseCampConnect utilises tools that combine different communication infrastructures ensuring decentralised communication between agencies, units and response teams across industries.