User-Friendly Monitoring System

The power management company Eaton has launched a new user-friendly monitoring system for emergency lighting, which aims to eradicate the cost and time pressures that can be associated with manual maintenance checks in commercial buildings.

The new CGLine+ controller will support the monitoring of up to 800 luminaires while an internet programme will connect controllers to allow advanced monitoring and automatic testing of up to 25,000 luminaires from a single control point.

news_touchUsers can view the system either through a simple web-based interface (HMI) that is ideal for smaller buildings, or via the more advanced CGVision software that is available to larger sites.

The system ensures that faults are detected and logged in real time so that steps can be taken to keep them in safe working order. As a result, say Eaton who have a base in Jebel Ali, emergency lighting can be relied upon to support safe evacuation from a building in the event of a fire alert or other emergency.

Qasem Noureddin, regional sales director, Life Safety Division, Eaton Middle East said: ““This system is not only quick and easy to install but simple to operate too, which takes away the stress, cost and workforce allocation issues associated with conducting manual maintenance checks on a regular basis.”