UAE Workers Receive Firefighting Training

UAE Workers Receive Firefighting Training

Firefighting training has been given to over 618,000 workers at various facilities in the UAE to provide firefighting skills. Civil authorities provided the training in a bid to safeguard people’s lives if a fire breaks out.

A policy on civil defence workers at various establishments for safe upkeep of buildings and their occupants was recently presented by Major-General Jassem Muhammad Al Marzouki, Commander-in-Chief, Civil Defence at the UAE’s Ministry of Interior.

He cited that compliance with safety and prevention requirements in facilities, including residential buildings and commercial establishments across the UAE, stood at 95 per cent.

“Altogether, 106,053 inspections were carried out on buildings and commercial establishments in the country,” said Al Marzouki.

Emirati firefighters are leading from the front by delivering firefighting training throughout the region.

The UAE General Command of Civil Defence plan to expand its strategic partnerships with the public and private sector stakeholders in a bid to reach out to the maximum number of beneficiaries.

Around 39 million people benefited from civil defence awareness programmes between 2017-2020, with 11 million of those coming last year.

The ministry is also providing training programmes to its staff to tackle emergencies in coordination with Rabdan Academy, and there are also plans to enrol officers in specialised courses at the Civil Defence Academy, with volunteers welcome to join also.