Tyco EG-25 sprinkler guard now FM approved

Tyco EG-25 sprinkler guard now FM approved

The Tyco EG-25 sprinkler guard is now FM approved for use on all Tyco ESFR-22 and ESFR-25 sprinklers, including Rapid Install models.

The guard is designed to protect sprinklers that are usually susceptible to damage, such as those in-rack or in high-traffic areas; whether that damage is as a result of scrapes or impacts against the sprinkles or wearing and tearing over a long period of time.

Now more versatile, the EG-25 sprinkler guard has two different models, offered in red paint and chrome finishes, dependent on application needs. The guard is compatible with Tyco ES-2 shields, ultimately allowing for more flexibility in installation of sprinkler systems.

Unlike other sprinkler guards, this new model from Tyco does not require any kind of consistent testing or maintenance and can be easily implemented into existing sprinkler systems in a time-efficient manner.

The guard being FM approved ensures that it has gone through rigorous testing to ensure its quality. This has been handled by FM Global who carry out extensive testing to ensure a safety product can effectively carry out its function as intended.

Through sprinkler guards, businesses can continue working as intended without any need to concern themselves over the quality of their sprinkler installations.