The World’s First Fully Electric Fire Engine

The World’s First Fully Electric Fire Engine

At an exclusive online event on 9th October, Emergency One announced the immediate availability of The E1 Ev0, enabling customers to place orders and enquire about the product.

Designed with the protection of fire fighters and the environment in mind, Emergency One have exceeded expectations by delivering a world first of its kind.

However, with zero emissions comes zero compromise in terms of innovation and safety. Not only does the E1 Ev0 produce zero emissions for a positive impact on the environment but customers will benefit from a range of improved safety features including clean cab filtration systems that addresses the health issue of residual particulates. The development of a product that plays such a pivotal role in public safety was a sizeable task, but as the UK’s leading manufacturer of emergency service vehicles, it was a task that we felt necessary.

Emergency One Managing Director Mike Madsen said: “We are excited to unveil our E1 EV0 – the world’s first all-electric pumping appliance, and our innovative contribution towards a low-carbon economy. We look forward to seeing the reaction from our customer base and the wider public.”

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