The benefits of using a FIRE-SAFE® rescue suit

The benefits of using a FIRE-SAFE® rescue suit

How to Choose the Right Fire Rescue Suit
Without Fire-Safe PPE, personal protective equipment, going into hazardous environments is enhanced. It is the last line of defense and protection which is why when picking a fire rescue suit, it needs to be the best. This includes the durability and breathability of the suit, so that the person wearing it is not only safe, but comfortable.

Fortunately, if you are looking for protective workwear with a difference then look no further than the FIRE-SAFE® rescue suit.

Want to find out more about the design features of this fire rescue suit? All you need to do is keep reading!

The FIRE-SAFE® Fire Rescue Suit Offers Guaranteed Flame Resistance
The most important feature of the FIRE-SAFE® rescue suit is that it provides guaranteed flame resistance for its entire lifetime. Plus, it boasts a 50% longer wear life than traditional 100% cotton clothing.

The FIRE-SAFE® Fire Rescue Suit Provides Breathability
Working in a stressful environment is difficult enough without the added problem of feeling uncomfortable in your FIRE-SAFE PPE. Fortunately, the FIRE-SAFE® rescue suit is specifically designed to absorb sweat and moisture, allowing you to carry out your work as comfortably as possible.

Plus, it is made with 100% cotton which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The FIRE-SAFE® Fire Rescue Suit is Certified to Leading International Standards
Poor PPE compliance can have catastrophic implications on your team, leading to a greater risk of injury and even death. The FIRE-SAFE® rescue suit is proud to be certified to the latest international standards so that you know when you buy a rescue suit from us, you are protected not only in terms of your team’s safety, but also legally.

The FIRE-SAFE® Fire Rescue Suit Comes with Accessories
You can also kit your team out from head to foot in the latest FIRE-SAFE PPE with the FIRE-SAFE® accessories range. From boots to helmets, face shields to gloves, you can purchase everything you need to keep your colleagues safe.

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