Temple fireworks fatalities

More than 100 people were killed in a southern Indian temple last weekend after an explosion in a store of fireworks being used in a religious display.

A further 350 were injured after a live firecracker entered a much bigger batch of fireworks in the Puttingal temple in Kollam.

At the time, the temple was packed with worshippers observing the last day of the seven-day festival honouring the goddess Bhadrakali, a southern Indian carnation of the Hindu goddess Kali.

Many of them suffered severe burns and fractures after becoming entrapped within the temple. Others had to be pulled out from the rubble of an office building next door that was destroyed in the explosion.

Pyrotechnics shows are usually banned for temples within the Kollam district, though sometimes they receive temporary permits for religious reasons. This year the temple was not granted a permit, according to Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.


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