Teledyne launches new Spyglass

Teledyne launches new Spyglass

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection is to unveil its Spyglass SG50-F series of flame detectors, which will offer superior performance in the detection of fires that aren’t visible to the naked eye, thanks to HD video capabilities.

The Spyglass series offers updated optics and algorithms, as well as on-board video in either colour or near-infrared options. The colour video is effective in detecting fuel fires, such as gasoline and jet fuel. While the near-infrared video option is capable of detecting fires caused by other fuels, for example, hydrogen and methanol.

The on-board video allows for remote confirmation of fire situations, delivering valuable information on fire progression and suppression methods. This type of information is vital in responding to fire emergencies, and helps to make sure users can make important safety decisions from a remote location.

Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection’s Spyglass series products feature robust and durable housing and 316L stainless steel enclosures that meet IP66/IP68 and MENA 250 6P protection rating standards.

It also aims to give quicker detection time and better performance even over extended distances. In addition, they offer industry-leading false alarm immunity to several challenging environments while performing in adverse climates.

The new range includes the IR3 version which has been specifically designed to detect hydrocarbons making it ideal for use in refineries, oil and gas platforms, petrochemical plants, turbine enclosures, marine facilities and more. The IR3-H2 option is ideal for hydrogen and energy transition applications.

For customers needing a solution for both hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fires, the UV-IR option is a great choice for ammonia and metal-based applications and battery rooms. The UV-IR-F option is suitable for munitions facilities.