Siemens launches digitalised aspirating smoke detectors

Siemens launches digitalised aspirating smoke detectors

Siemens has extended its existing fire detection portfolio with the launch of two new aspirating smoke detectors.

FDA261 and FDA262 are particularly suited for protecting critical infrastructure and very large protection areas, such as e-commerce warehouses, data centres or industrial manufacturing sites.

The use of a single device can extend cover up to 6,700m2 making it the latest coverage currently available on the market.

Peter Nebiker, Head of Fire Safety at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, said: “Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASD) plays a crucial role in protecting the infrastructure needed to enable global megatrends, such as the energy transition or digitalisation. One example is fire protection for the rapidly growing number of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.”

The new ASDA fully integrate in fire safety systems from Siemens. They communicate directly and intelligently as addressable devices using the Siemens FDnet/C-NET, with any additional hardware costs or wiring needed for I/O cards. This significantly reduces the time and effort for installation.

In addition, the detection optics hardware has been optimised for harsh and dirty environment. It also delivers maximum immunity to potential false alarms. The dual-wavelength signal processing algorithm has been improved to reliably differentiate between smoke particles and dust, and so minimising the triggering of unnecessary alarms.