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CPAS enhanced under vehicle surveillance systems

Comm Ports CPAS series of under vehicle surveillance systems offer high resolution color composite scanning up to 900FPS for vehicles traveling up to 75KMPH. With no limit on scanning length, these ruggedized flush mount frames are ideal for secure vehicle entry points at Government, Military and Corporate facilities.

Celebrating 25 years in design and manufacturing of specialized security vehicle inspection systems, Comm Port expands its lead in under vehicle surveillance systems with the high performance CPAS Series – an innovative and cost effective under vehicle inspection systems. The CPAS series has been engineered to support up to 78 Ton weight capacity with no additional cost to the user. Utilizing advanced metal alloys, the CPAS now set new standards for heavy weight capacity UVSS systems. Systems now offer Comm Ports’ ACDM software that utilizes the latest technology for computer vision and includes a full amalgamation of image properties that include statistical, algebraic, geometric, spatial, differential and spectral information about the scanned image.

With the CPAS series, security personnel can view in real-time and full color the entire length of the vehicle. There is no waiting as with line-scan systems and no need for an expensive image-processing computer. CPAS now comes standard supporting up to 900 FPS – the fastest in the industry. Full high definition color is easily supported even with vehicles moving up to 75KMPH. As part of the updated package, CPAS now includes a driver image camera, ANPR, templates and automatic comparison software all bundled in the base price. For more details visit our website at



The IDIS AI Box (DV-2232) for COVID-19 is helping companies across the Middle East maintain COVID-secure premises, protect staff and customers, and ensure business continuity during the pandemic. The highly accurate device is a simple add-on to an existing network of IDIS cameras and DirectIP® NVRs, making it cost-effective and easy to implement.

The IDIS AI Box has a raft of features to help stop the spread of coronavirus and maintain safer workplaces and commercial premises. Powered by the industry-leading 98% accurate IDIS Deep Learning Engine, it utilizes four advanced deep learning-based video analytics tools to support vital counter-infection measures:

People Counting and Occupancy Monitoring

Using cameras at entrances and exits, the IDIS AI Box counts and displays in real time the number of people on the customer’s premises and alerts the operator when occupancy limits are exceeded.

Social Distancing

Detects distances between individuals and triggers an alarm when social distancing rules based on government or industry guidelines are violated.

Crowd Detection

Alerts facilities managers to overcrowding or bottlenecking in predefined areas.

Face Mask Detection

Monitors face mask wearing and triggers alarms, even automatically issuing verbal reminders using IP audio devices.

These functions are supported by an intuitive, real-time dashboard and comprehensive reporting tools which provide data analysis by time, day, and month.

To find out how to implement the IDIS AI Box for COVID-19 at your company, please email or call +971 4 501 5343.