Safer buses for Sydney

Government officials in the Australian state of New South Wales are seeking tenders for a contract to improve the fire safety of 2454 of vehicles used by private bus operators in the city of Sydney and surrounding metropolitan areas.

17th June is the closing date for the tenders which should contain proposals for the design, supply , and installation of fire suppression in bus engine bays at more than 40 bus depots in the area. The Transport for New South Wales department that will handle the tenders insist the proposed systems be certified to the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) P-Mark SPCR 183 Certification Process.

They should also include successful completion of the SP method 4912: Method For Testing The Suppression Performance Of Fire Suppression Systems Installed In Engine Compartments Of Buses And Coaches Edition 3, 2012-10-09, or an equivalent recognised certification, design and testing process.