Riyadh Metro Railwork to be finished by end of 2030

Riyadh Metro Railwork to be finished by end of 2030

One of the largest rail networks in the world, The Riyadh Metro Railwork, is approaching its final stage, with the rail network itself expected to be opened by the end of 2023.

Featuring: “176 kilometres of railway lines, on which electric trains operate without drivers”, according to a report released by Saudi Officials.

The metro rail network will consist of 85 stations across 6 lines, with state-of-the-art trains operating at all hours of the day. The large coverage of the rail network will be supplemented by the fact that 40% of it will be underground to allow for the continuation of road travel.

Whilst underground, visibility is exceptionally low and individuals can find themselves in a tight metallic space easily influenced by heat and capable of trapping large amounts of smoke.

Essentially, innovative rail networks require innovative Fire & Safety protocols. Fire & Safety companies will need to engage voice alarms for multi-national transporters, emergency lights that can operate in low visibility and the high-heat of the metro trains and finally, appropriate smoke detection and prevention systems to ensure than when the metro is moving underground, individuals are still able to breath safely and avoid smoke inhalation.

All are part of the Saudi Vision 2030 Initiative, specifically the King Abdulaziz Project for Riyadh Public Transport, Riyadh Metro is the largest Single-phase public transport project ever developed.