Remote monitoring of fire safety systems

Remote monitoring of fire safety systems

Bosch Remote Services licence holders can now keep a check on the fire safety status of their properties from anywhere thanks to the Bosch Remote Fire Safety app.

The free app runs on the new ‘Remote Interact’ feature of the Bosch Remote Services portfolio. It complements existing features ‘Remote Maintenance’ which delivers live fire systems data, and ‘Remote Alert’, which uses email or SMS to keep clients informed.

The portfolio of applications is designed simplify services and trouble-shoot tasks for system integrators. In addition they can also help minimise time needed to be spent on site which can improve efficiency and profitability.

The new app, enables users to monitor the condition of their fire alarm system remotely. In the case of an emergency, push notifications can be sent. By alerting users immediately to any potential problems it allows system integrators the time for remote configuration and trouble-shooting.

The app also offers direct access to the fire alarm system, without having to sign into the wider Remote Services portal.

The Remote Services portfolio offers customers a modular system based on secure, remote internet connectivity between customers’ fire alarm systems and the system integrators. The interactive app operates 24/7 to enhance operations and services including diagnostics, maintenance and system updates.

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