Peerless Pump, AMI Global partner to launch IoT solution for fire industry

Peerless Pump, AMI Global partner to launch IoT solution for fire industry

AMI Global, an industrial IoT solutions provider, has announced a partnership with Peerless Pump Company, a wholly-owned company of the Grundfos Group and a specialist in design and manufacture of UL listed and FM approved fire pump system.

The partnership brings the IoT connectivity and condition monitoring with the launch of Peerless FireConnect to fire pump systems around the world.

Peerless FireConnect’s system architecture is designed to reach beyond just accessing code-mandated alarms and provide accessed 24/7 real-time fire pump system information. System monitoring will help ensure that the fire pump systems are always ready via an advanced user interface and system notifications.

Remote access to the fire pump system provides critical information in both static and running conditions without having to go into the pump room. System data, including required ITM and other relevant information, are logged and stored permanently for compliance reference.

Scott Patterson, vice-president – aftermarket sales and service for Peerless Pump Company, said, “Having critical system information at your fingertips provides peace of mind to building owners and occupants that their fire protection system is ready and operational. In the event of a fire, real-time system data can enable better decision making and improve safety.”

“By developing this solution with AMI Global, we were able to bring Peerless FireConnect to the market quickly, enabling us to make a significant and positive impact for our customers.”

Henrik Laursen, CEO of AMI Global, said, “We are proud to partner with Peerless Pump Company to drive digital transformation in fire protection for industrial and commercial buildings and beyond. Together we can help transform an industry – this is proof that industrial IoT will transform the general pump industry in the very near future.”