NFPA conference to discuss global challenges and learnings

NFPA conference to discuss global challenges and learnings

The National Fire Protection Association will present a free “Global Solutions for Global Challenges” programme from mid February.

The online educational program will form part of the organisation’s year-long 125th Anniversary Conference Series, which is beginning to wind down. The global challenges feature will air on February 16, 2022 from 7am ET.

The NFPA remains one of the global leaders and authorities in the emergency services, with many national services taking inspiration and learnings from them. Their latest conference and learning services is expected to benefit fire services worldwide, including those in the Middle East.

Olga Caledonia, NFPA director of international development, said: “As a global authority on fire, electrical, building, and life safety, NFPA has witnessed a lot in its 125 years. And we know that different nations experience similar threats and challenges but that they come at different moments in time, based on where countries are in their development. For example, safety in the United States has evolved over centuries whereas Latin American and MENA have experienced explosive growth in recent years, so their challenges have been compressed and compounded.”

She continued: “Regardless of a nation’s growth, capacity, and access to resources, it is critical for authorities, the workforce, and the public to keep pace with progress. We all play a role in safety and should be held accountable for taking proactive and prescriptive steps to reduce risks in our communities – no matter where we are in the world. This conference will emphasise that safety is a system and help to influence positive, professional changes on an international scale.”

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