New range of ultra-low power consumption alarm sounders

The reference legislation for the Fire Detection and Alarm Systems sector steers designers ever more towards alarm signalling systems that are capable of warning building occupants in a targeted and detailed way, with greater attention paid to the correct distribution of alarm sounders, the appropriate choice of the type of sounder and the correct use of warning tones for the type of building and the predominant characteristics of its occupants.

Inim Electronics, a leader in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for fire detection and alarm systems, has always paid great attention to this type of device. For several years the company has been producing a range of audible/visual alarm signalling devices that are widely appreciated by the market, certified in accordance with EN54-3 and EN54-23 standards and capable of warning building occupants via predefined tones, pre-recorded voice messages (each signalling device includes a library of different messages in 10 different languages) and a high-performance flasher.

The addressable loop-powered version of Inim’s alarm sounders allows the signal to be automatically modulated in accordance with the alarm level in such a way as to allow the effective management of orderly and safe evacuation.

In order to satisfy the ever increasing number of signalling devices that a control panel is required to manage, the range of audible/visual sounders manufactured by Inim Electronics has been enhanced, counting among its items a new series that offers exceedingly low power consumption and high sound output.

This new series, characterized by a power consumption of around 2 mA for the sound only version, is available in wall and ceiling mount versions as well as in the Detector base version, making life easy for the professional installer in all situations.