A director of Ajman Civil Defence has revealed details of a major new strategy aimed at cutting down response times when fires break out in the Emirate.

Brigadier General Saleh Matrooshi outlined how firefighters are being stationed in industrial and residential areas so that blazes are tackled when small and subsequent property damage reduced.

That is an addition to a three-year-old programme of training labourers in factories and buildings how to use firefighting equipment to tackle blazes as soon as they break out.

The Brigadier General said:”To fight the incident when it is small and to reduce the losses, we  have established several centres, such as in Al Jurf industrial area, Ajman industrial area and in Al Rumailah, the residential area. Al Manama has a centre and we will establish one in Masfout.said.

“The availability of civil defence near factories and residential buildings eases the arrival of crew as quickly as possible to the incident scene

“All factories should have safety and prevention standards and we are training the labourers at warehouses and factories to be the initial civil defence line.”

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