New fire prevention digital system launches in the UAE

New fire prevention digital system launches in the UAE

A new digital system to assess whether a building could deal with a fire has been launched in the UAE.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Department has launched a new integrated electronic field survey system that will help monitor and determine if a building is adequately prepared for fire prevention and safety. The new system links all buildings and facilities via spatial data maps, which are thought to be useful for firefighters in planning their defences.

Lt Col Issa Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Director of Operations Department and Commander of Digital Transformation, said: “The system relies on integration with the systems of strategic partners to enable civil defence centres to impose the necessary measures to enhance fire preventive and safety requirements in sites and facilities, automate field operations, and build a database for the capabilities of the authority’s readiness, preparedness, response and protection, in a manner that enhances protection of lives and property.”

Last year, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) announced that smart fire alarm systems ‘Hassantuk’ had been installed in more than 26,065 homes, including 10,800 homes for low-income families in the UAE. The Hassantuk system was launched in 2018 to monitor and detect fire and smoke alarms in commercial buildings and residential apartments.

The Hassantuk programme aims to support the UAE National Agenda to become one of the safest countries in the world whilst reducing the rate of fires and fire-related deaths compared to other countries.