New Emirate’s Civil Defence lab in Dubai to test building materials for fire safety

New Emirate’s Civil Defence lab in Dubai to test building materials for fire safety

A new lab for the Dubai Civil Defence will test building materials for fire safety from building material suppliers and contractors.

The Emirates Safety Lab will issue safety certificates after ensuring construction materials are fit for purpose. The lab has already been in operation since April, and suppliers without certificates will find themselves unable to get approvals for construction work.

Brig Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, assistant director general of Dubai Civil Defence for Fire and Rescue Affairs, said everything from doors, cladding, electrical cables, paints, water sprinklers and smoke detectors should be tested before they are cleared to be installed in towers, houses and warehouses.

He told The National in an interview: “The aim is to use the best fire-resistant materials, whether it is a door or cladding. The safety certificates will help to protect lives and properties. Suppliers can easily get their products tested.”

The lab offers 90 different tests and issues 600 types of certificates.

He added: “The lab has obtained international accreditation. Products from Europe, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been certified after testing.”

The lab is analysing and using data from previous fires to help develop best practice and ensure that construction products are of good quality.

It’s thought that buildings under construction in Dubai should have smart fire systems to help contain the blaze before firefighters can attend the scene.

Brig Ali Hassan Al Mutawa explained: “More than 95 per cent of buildings in Dubai have smart fire alarm systems. We aim to prevent fires by reducing the response time to zero, but fire-resistant products and safety systems should be used to control the blaze before the firefighters get to work.”

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