New cable fires safety lab in Abu Dhabi

New cable fires safety lab in Abu Dhabi

UL is expanding its existing Abu Dhabi facility to now include a cable fires safety and performance lab.

The new laboratory is designed to test electric and optical cables and busways against standards for flame retardant and flame resistant properties.

“The opening of our new fire safety laboratory comes at an important time as governments and companies continue to invest in local infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and around the Middle East. These new investments mean that there is an increased need for safe cables and busways. With our new fire safety testing capabilities, we are excited that we will be able to help local manufacturers address product risks, safety and performance while helping them have a positive impact throughout the region,” said Sajeev Jesudas, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for UL.

The lab is based in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi and will allow manufacturers, brands and suppliers to benefit from a local lab. Not only will they be able to demonstrate to customers their commitment to fire safety, but it will also help increase speed to market.

“In recent years, the Middle East has seen increased regulation around the fire safety of cables used in buildings to meet the civil defense requirements. At UL’s new Abu Dhabi laboratory, our fire safety experts will work with customers to help them meet these increased demands without sacrificing time or efficiency,” said Sameer Abdul Salam, UL’s business head for the MEA Region.

UL will offers its customers advisory and testing services at the lab to help them meet and exceed fire safety requirements. Research testing services for manufacturers are also available which can help customers design cables that comply to the necessary fire resistance/fire reactance standards. In addition UL can also produce a Type testing report and Type examination certificate based on IEC/EN/BS standards.

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