Nearly 50 killed in Bangladesh container fire

Nearly 50 killed in Bangladesh container fire

A huge fire in a container depot in Bangladesh has killed 49 people and injured hundreds more.

The fire is believed to have begun when chemicals stored in some of the containers exploded. The fire broke out at around 21:00 local time (15:00 GMT) on Saturday and hundreds of firefighters, police and volunteers quickly arrived on the scene to help fight the blaze.

As many tried to extinguish the fire, a huge explosion rocked the storage site and is thought to have killed 49 people and injured nearly 500 more. Five firefighters were killed in the blast and several more injured. The blast was so large it was heard several kilometres away and shattered the windows of nearby buildings.

The storage depot is located near the city of Chittagong, and the situation is putting local hospitals under immense pressure. Industrial fires are common in Bangladesh, and are often blamed on poor safety regulations.

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