Military recognition

America’s Solberg Company,   the manufacturer of firefighting foam concentrates and systems hardware, has achieved U.S. Military Certification for its  ARCTIC™ 3% and 6% AFFF products.

The ARCTIC range are PFOA and PFOS-free synthetic firefighting foam concentrates used to effectively extinguish Class B fuel fires as they provide rapid extinguishment and excellent burn back resistance and can be used in fresh, salt or brackish water.

They are extremely effective firefighting foams for flame knockdown, fire control, extinguishment, and burn-back resistance.  Control, extinguishing time, and burn-back resistance are paramount to the safety of firefighters everywhere.

Solberg’s Vice President and General Manager, Steve Hansen commented, “The team at Solberg once again has looked beyond the needs of industry.  Formulating a product with the range of performance found in our 3% and 6% MIL-SPEC AFFF concentrates is elegant chemistry at its best.”

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