Fire Protection Cladding is Government Approved

Fire Protection Cladding is Government Approved

A new aluminium composite building cladding panel (ACP) has been launched in the United Arab Emirates and is the region’s first to receive the government-approved non-combustible grade A1 fire protection ACP.

The Alucopanel is now to be officially recommended for building projects where very high levels of fire protection is required such as new high-rise blocks of flats, schools, hospitals and shopping malls.

It has been designed and manufactured by Alucopanel Middle East which is a unit of the Dubai-based Danube Group which started the panel’s journey is 2012.

Rizwan Sajan, the founder and chairman of Danube Group, said: “Alucopanel is a UAE home-grown brand and we are proud it has received Dubai Civil Defence certification.”

He added that the A1 certification makes the Alucopanel the first civil defence-certified A1 grade ACP to be manufactured in the world.