Jotun introduces the Jotachar JF750 XT for passive fire protection

Jotun introduces the Jotachar JF750 XT for passive fire protection

Jotun has released the  Jotachar JF750 XT, designed to deliver high-quality protection of assets in all manner of environments. Its launch could be a potential game changer for oil, gas and petrochemical businesses.

Over the past five years, Jotun’s Svalbard test facility has been carrying out extreme global testing on the Jotachar JF750 XT to ensure it can operate efficiently as a mesh-free application solution for all hydrocarbon pool and jet fire scenarios.

When exposed to a fire, Jotachar JF750 produces a robust and temperature-stable insulating char. Installation time is significantly reduced, which means substantial savings in both the material and labour costs of a project.

Andy Czainski, Global Category Manager – Hydrocarbon Fire, Jotun Performance Coatings, said of the Jotachar: “Oil, gas and petrochemical companies are increasingly investing in facilities located or constructed in some of the world’s most challenging environments. They need to be confident that their assets will have certified protection in the event of fire or cryogenic spill in such harsh conditions. Jotachar JF750 XT’s proven all-climate performance means owners, engineers and fabricators can be confident that assets are protected, at any stage of their project, even during exposure to some of the most extreme conditions on the planet.”

The Jotachar JF750 XT is the latest in a line-up of products designed by Jotun to protect steel buildings through proper insulation against cryogenic spill, hydrocarbon and jet fire scenarios.