Johnson Controls unveils mobile-first solution navigator platform

Johnson Controls unveils mobile-first solution navigator platform

Fire and security equipment provider Johnson Controls has introduced its latest offering with Solution Navigator. The new product promises a comprehensive digital experience that easily navigates the product life cycle in Building Automation Systems, Fire, Security, HVAC, and Industrial Refrigeration to create the next generation of customer enablement tools.

Not only will this latest solution in fire safety and building regulation offer the customer the option to select, price, quote, order and track shipments, but it can also locate replacement parts, process warranty claims, access training, and track marketing programs. This new solution is unique in the industry due to its breadth of products included and the depth of capabilities supported.

Through the transformative digitally enriched experience, Solution Navigator also enhances the previous Navigator and legacy regional platforms by focusing on simplified navigation with a mobile-first approach. Solution Navigator’s global customer enablement tools are being deployed across all product business units and regions, whilst providing a common look and feel for customers facilitated by a unified platform.

Renee Joseph, global vice president of Customer Enablement, said: “When talking to our Johnson Controls customers about what matters to them in a modernised version of Solution Navigator, we understood the importance of creating a platform that allows for tools, products, support, and expertise across the entire lifecycle to be available at one single resource.

“Solution Navigator’s technologies bring all of our capabilities together and drive a world-class customer experience that saves customers time and positions them to grow their businesses.”