Izmir repurposes diesel tankers for water vessels

Izmir repurposes diesel tankers for water vessels

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey is extending the service life of its vehicles by installing different functions within the scope of sustainability principles.

Most recently two diesel tankers of the ESHOT General Directorate have been turned into fire extinguishers after being dormant for a while. The 26 tons and 35 tons vehicles have now been turned over to the Fire Brigade Department, enabling its team to respond to fire more effectively.

Ismail Derse, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Head, said: “There were problems in the use of water by transporting water, especially in large industrial and workplace fires.

“Fires are responded to with water tankers of 2 and a half, 5, 15 and 18 tons, but there are many industrial zones in İzmir. Therefore it is risky. Water runs out very quickly in response to large fires.

“For the first time in Turkey, a 35-ton water tanker started to serve in our fire department. We use these tools like pools. By keeping the water in the centre, we control the entire fire. We are racing against time, and in this case, the correct use of water gives us a big plus.”

The 26-ton tanker is being used in Torbali, and the 35-ton tanker is used in Aliağa.