IWMC 2016 – a conference packed with highlights

Day one of the 16th International Water Mist Conference is “Applications Day”. The presentations on systems in practice show just how versatile the technology is.

Ragnar Wighus, IWMA president, will evaluate the current state of water mist and have a look at the way ahead.

There will be one presentation on water mist for data centre protection by Josef Hainzl, Aquasys, and one on water mist for the food industry by Joachim Gabran, Marioff.

Lasse Laustsen, Danfoss Semco, will talk about a “250,000 m2 university hospital entirely protected by high pressure water mist”. William Makant, Plumis, will introduce “a residential Water Mist Suppression System with a 6 Litres per Minute Flow”.

Jim Glockling, FPA, will deliver a speech on “Local Water Mist Protection Systems: Demonstrating competent Design”. Francesco Fritz, EmiControls, will talk about: “Aerosol Turbines for Mitigation of harmful Emissions and Firefighting: Efficiency Comparison versus traditional Technique”.

Just before the panel discussion on “The Quality of Water Mist Systems” Mark Davies, Ultra Fog, will speak about “Delivering High Quality Water Mist Solutions”.

There will be many more presentations to listen to and to talk about on 21st and 22nd September in Vienna, Austria, during THE water mist event of the year.