Intelli-Pro delivers firefighting solutions for companies

Intelli-Pro delivers firefighting solutions for companies

Engineering company Intelli-Pro equipped 16 companies working in the Egyptian market with firefighting solutions in 2022. By localising these firefighting products millions of dollars can be saved every year.

According to Eng. Kareem Ahmed, Founder and Chief Executive at the company, the company won contracts for supply and installation for firefighting systems in manufacturing and service industries ranging from cement and automative to FMCG, communications and petrochemicals.

Intelli-Pro works with the local market to supply technologies by collaborating with world-class players. The company is an agency and main distributor for a number of products created by leading firefighting system companies.

Intell-pro’s chairperson unveiled the presence of highly promising opportunities for investing in inputs of fire-fighting systems in the Egyptian market by means of producing, instead of importing, these inputs. These inputs,  including shut-off valves which could be localised and manufactured in Egypt, are ordered heavily by companies working in the field.

Localising this industry helps supply the local market with on-demand products and curb imports worth millions of dollars annually, alleviating a hectic run on foreign currency, along with supplying the local market with products at prices far lower than their imported equivalents and creating new job opportunities.

Intelli-pro made its debut in the Egyptian market at the end of 2019. Its core activities concentrate on electromechanic, light current works, alarm and fire-fighting systems.