Ilium Composites announces the ULTImat glass fibre range

Ilium Composites announces the ULTImat glass fibre range

Ilium Composites has expanded its glass fibre offerings with the ULTImat glass fibre range – a complete fire-retardant fiberglass replacement that is more cost competitive than 100% glass core components, whilst also being lighter.

ULTImat FR is comprised of three distinctive materials across four layers. A bespoke proprietary fire-retardant structure core is sandwiched between two fiberglass layers. All of this is then wrapped into an integrated surface veil to deliver a high-quality aesthetic without any visible glass fibres on the gel coat.

The ULTImat FR comes at a time of great demand, with large-scale building projects starting up again all over the globe following the covid-19 pandemic, many of which are demanding the use of bespoke closed mould composite parts that can withstand the incredible temperatures that materials such as the ULTImat FR are designed to operate within.

Speaking on the new design, Colin Leatham-Locke, Business Development Manager at Ilium Composites had this to say: “Our solution to fire-retardant closed mould composite parts is both lighter and more cost competitive than 100% glass core alternatives, made possible through our exclusive core technology.”

ULTImat FR meets the EN 45545 European Railways standard for fire safety, making it ideal for train components that need to meet these norms — such as train toilet modules. With ASTM 162/662 standards in surface flammability and smoke generation density, Ilium’s fire-retardant fiberglass reinforcement is applicable to many industries, including construction, where it can be applied as cladding and architectural facades.