Houthis fire explosive-laden drone at school in Yemen’s Marib

Houthis fire explosive-laden drone at school in Yemen’s Marib

The Houthi group have launched an explosive-laden drone strike against a a school in Yemen. The militant group targeted a school in the country’s northern oil-rich province of Marib, according to reports.

A government official said: “Several students were critically injured when a Houthi explosive-laden drone struck their school in the government-controlled province of Marib.”

He clarified that the Houthi drone attack hit the primary school of Harib district while the students were leaving their classes.

Yemen news agency Saba has reported that at least three students are believed to have died as a result of the attack.

The battle between Yemen military officials and the Houthi group has been ongoing for many months. The Houthis are still launching sporadic military operations against Marib. The attacks are believed to be an attempt to control the whole strategic province, as it includes the country’s largest oil and gas fields.

As a country, Yemen has been blighted by the civil war since the Houthi militia overran much of the country militarily and seized all northern provinces, including the capital Sanaa, in 2014.