Grenfell Tower report

Grenfell Tower report

It has been estimated that it could take the British government more than a year to complete its official report into the Grenfell tower block fire in London , however, there has been a rapid response to the blaze which is confirmed to have killed more than 80 residents.

Local housing authorities have ordered a series of tests on the cladding used on tower blocks across the United Kingdom and the early results showed that more than 100 had failed fire safety checks with another 500 still to be looked at.

The estimated bill for replacing the cladding with a safer material has been estimated at £600 million but that does not include the cost of rehousing residents while repairs are carried out.

Meanwhile the American company which supplied the cladding that was used in the Grenfell Tower has ended global sales of their product

Arconic said it was “discontinuing” global sales of the product for use in high-rise blocks after “issues” were identified in the wake of the fire.

And now many councils across the UK are planning to retrofit automatic fire sprinkler systems in their tower blocks.