Global maritime & ports event

Global maritime & ports event

For one week from the April 22sd 2018 the port of Dakar will host a celebration of the global maritime industry. The 24th Congress of the International Association of Maritime Pilots (IMPA) will at its core, discuss and explore key issues effecting all maritime pilots and ports and harbors globally including:

  • personal safety
  • technical advances & innovation
  • environmental issues
  • laws & regulations
  • training & professional development
  • responding to the ever- changing profile of the shipping industry
  • best operational practices

A vital and unique aspect of the 2018 IMPA congress is the opportunity to communicate and network with over 400 maritime experts, pilots and ports authorities and other shipping professionals in Africa and from around the globe. Every day in Dakar will provide focused opportunities to exchange experiences, participate in discussion and engage regarding current issues affecting individuals and the maritime sector as a whole.

These debates will have a decisive impact on the strengthening of pilot safety and the maritime profession; the security of our port facilities; our navigation fairways; and on the monitoring of ever-increasing vessel sizes.

Waterways and oceans, our heritage and the social and economic communities dependent on the maritime and shipping industries are also topics which will engage delegates and speakers all of whom have a duty to protect and preserve them from exploitation and destruction.

Vital sessions will be devoted to those industries which, through research and development, technology and current expertise, are working for the benefit of all. These organisations will be able to contribute to the debates and present their latest innovations in terms of products and services.

Under one roof, in the four exhibition halls of IMPA Dakar 2018, companies and institutions will have an exclusive platform to showcase their unique equipment, expertise and technology to the global maritime industry, including the majority of port authorities in Africa.