Giant vehicle fire on Dubai’s E611

Giant vehicle fire on Dubai’s E611

On Saturday afternoon, a large fire broke out in Dubai on E611 near Arabian Ranches 3, which engulfed at least one vehicle.

Smoke could be seen from around 1 pm as the flames erupted near the Hamdan Sports Complex. It is currently unknown if anyone was injured in the incident, and Dubai Civil Defence has yet to provide a comment on the matter.

Emergency responders quickly attended the scene and managed to extinguish the fire by 4 pm. The vehicle was later removed from the road and traffic resumed as normal.

Local residents took to social media to warn others about the danger in the area, and Dubai police regularly issued warnings to protect motorists from vehicle fires. Workers were also seen clearing up the aftermath of the blaze.

According to the Dubai police, they responded to 94 reports of vehicle fires, including cars, buses and lorries, in the first four months of 2022.

This number of incidents is expected to increase during the summer season. The authorities have urged the public to carry out necessary vehicle maintenance to reduce the risk of fires.

There are various reasons why vehicle fires occur, including unauthorised modifications that do not meet the approved specifications, or equipping a vehicle with parts that are not compatible with its electrical system. Other hazards include leaving flammable liquids inside a vehicle or failing to disconnect electrical devices that later overheat, particularly when ambient temperatures are high.