FlamePro launches flame-retardant face mask to protect firefighters

FlamePro launches flame-retardant face mask to protect firefighters

FlamePro, a British specialist manufacturer of life-saving garments for firefighters, has developed a new flame-retardant (FR), anti-viral, reusable face mask, designed to offer some protection against both COVID-19 as well as injuries caused by fire.

The new washable face mask is manufactured from three layers of fabric; meta-aramid, Viscose FR and bi-component PTFE/PU FR membrane, which helps to provide anti-viral protection to help guard a firefighter’s face, nose and mouth against respiratory droplets and airborne particles. The mask is also designed to help protect against the dangers of fire and eliminate the risk that non-FR face masks pose, whilst also providing a potent prevention tool against the spread of infection.

FlamePro launches flame-retardant face mask to protect firefighters
Reece Buchner, Technical Sales Manager at FlamePro, explained: “Firefighters are frontline workers, all of the time. The nature of the job means often there is no escaping human contact, and as such it is important that masks are worn to minimise the spread of coronavirus.

“Unfortunately, face masks manufactured from everyday materials can burn or melt into a worker’s skin if exposed to heat. This can cause significant burns and injury, so here at FlamePro we have addressed this risk by designing a new FR face mask that can provide both fire and anti-viral protection.

“We’re hoping this new mask will provide peace of mind that the new health and safety measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus won’t impact upon a firefighter’s protection from flames.”

More information can be found https://www.flame-pro.com/catalogue/

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