Five Innovative Protection Technologies in 2023

Five Innovative Protection Technologies in 2023

Innovations in the fire and safety industry not only push forward technology and make jobs easier to complete, but actively save lives. We’ve compiled five innovative safety technologies from around the fire marketplace to showcase particular products and how they contribute to protecting products, establishments and people from damage.

One: Horizontal and Vertical Curtains

Should a fire break out in a large establishment, horizontal and vertical enclosures can trap the fire, lowering oxygen in a room and containing burning to an isolated area.

Two: Thermal Cameras

Either installed or handheld, in the dark, smoke is the silent killer and heat can explode out of corners. Through the use of thermal cameras, people and objects of importance can be identified even in complete darkness.

Three: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, which has grabbed the attention of the masses in 2023, is able to be implemented into these Thermal Cameras. Automatically feeding information about the location and spread of a fire scenario. When implemented with fire protection systems, Artificial Intelligence becomes a comprehensive first line of defence.

Four: Multi-Language Voice Alarms

Hotels, Stadiums and larger venues will always house individuals of multiple backgrounds, either for a one-day event, or for longer periods of time. Through new, multi-language alarms, if a fire does break out in a building, there are comprehensive systems to clearly inform individuals of where they need to go and get them moving.

Five: Elevator Smoke Curtains

To control air-flow, drafts and moving heat which can rise through a multi-story building, elevator smoke curtains can be installed. In these larger buildings where individuals can easily become trapped, being able to isolate and control the spread of flames is particularly relevant.

These are five innovative products which are contributing to the fire and safety marketplace within 2023 and will likely all be expanded upon in the years to come.