Firetech Launches UL listed MV Spray Nozzle for International Markets

Firetech Launches UL listed MV Spray Nozzle for International Markets

Water is the most basic firefighting media. Abundant availability, high latent heat of vaporization & ability to displace the oxygen (one of the parameters of fire triangle) make a water-based fire protection system most popular.

Water spray systems use small specifically designed nozzles to discharge water on hazards. Water is discharged from these nozzles in the form of spray having a pre-determined pattern, particle size, velocity & discharge density. Water spray systems are largely used for fire suppression of gaseous & flammable liquids, oil tank cooling, electrical hazards like transformers, cable trays/runs and ordinary combustibles like wood/paper/textiles etc.

Medium Velocity Water (MVW) Spray Nozzles are an open type nozzle, used to extinguish fire by allowing water to be directly sprayed on fire or for exposure protection from hazards by cooling the surface.

How to select MV spray nozzle?

The major factors to be considered while selecting MVW spray nozzles are –

  1. Type of hazard
  2. Exposed area of equipment / area where system is being installed
  3. Discharge density as per the design standards (like NFPA etc.) and hazard to be protected
  4. Consideration of dry spots w.r.t the coverage areas & maximum allowable spacing between nozzles

Based on the above factors, the required number of nozzles can be calculated which in turn dictate minimum total required flow through the system. Suitable k-factor and spray angle are identified to meet the calculated flow requirement. A wide range of selection of K-factors and spray angles allow design engineers flexibility to optimize the overall firefighting system for cost and complexity.

UL listed MV Spray Nozzle

Keeping this in mind, Firetech recently launched their UL listed Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle at Intersec Dubai 2020. Firetech UL Listed MVW spray nozzle is a non-clogging, open type spray nozzle which is available with wide ranges of selection –

  1. K-factor (Metric) as K-18, 22, 30, 35, 41, 51, 64, 79, 91 & 102
  2. Spray angle as 90°, 120°, 140°
  3. End Connection as ½” NPT (M) or ½” BSPT (M)
  4. Brass construction with Natural or Nickel Chrome finish & Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze construction

The conventional spray nozzles have in-built filters which tend to get clogged and choked during the operation. Since these nozzles are mounted at a height of several meters, changing a nozzle along with scaffolding and labour can cost a significant amount more than expected.

In order to eliminate this, Firetech has designed a ‘strainer-less’ MV spray nozzle. Firetech MV spray nozzle along with a good quality water main line strainer gives much superior performance and low maintenance cost.

For more information, contact Firetech Equipment and Systems Pvt. Ltd. for assistance in designing appropriate water-based fire protection system.