FireDos educates on the importance of foam proportioner testing

FireDos educates on the importance of foam proportioner testing

Germany based fire safety specialists FireDos has educated those in the fire industry on the importance of regularly testing foam proportioners.

The education comes in the form of their latest video, which aims to highlight how having the exact foam agent flow rate is vital for successful firefighting.

The proportioning rate is the minimum extinguishing water flow rate from which a proportioner can achieve its actual nominal proportioning rate. A proportioning rate of 1% means that one litre of premix consists of 10 ml foam agent and 990 ml water.

In their latest video, available on the FireDos website, FireDos proportioners show how they carry out the testing of the proportioning rate while no premix or extinguishing foam is produced.

The video shows how a ball valve is used to switch between actual foam agent proportioning into the extinguishing water and returning the foam agent into the foam agent tank at atmospheric pressure. The foam agent flow rate is then measured by a flow meter. A volumetric flow meter is used to determine the extinguishing water flow rate. As an alternative, the foam agent flow rate can be measured by means of a measurement container in the return line.

Testing the foam proportioner is not only vital for firefighting but can also be a cost saving measure and eco-friendly.

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