Fire Rescue Station of the Future on display at FDIC

Fire Rescue Station of the Future on display at FDIC

FDIC International 2023 will feature the ‘Fire Rescue Station of the Future’ – an interactive showcase of cutting-edge design and products.

This will consist of a walk-through exhibition that highlights the essential programmatic changes to the current fire station model, looking at how current fire/rescue stations will evolve to accommodate new needs such as the growing number of electric apparatus and support vehicles.

The station will also display how to manage the electric service of the building while dealing with local codes and ordinances for proper fire separation and fire suppression systems. It will look to answer how fire stations can accommodate battery storage technology – useful should drones and robots become more commonplace.

The fire station will utilise biometrics technology, as the new standard of measuring the health and the well-being of active responders currently registered to the station.

FDIC International will explore how to retrofit existing stations with these ideas and technologies so that all battalions are prepared for the future. it will also predict what a ‘futuristic’ fire station will look like.

Visitors to FDIC International will be able to navigate through the exhibit, exploring exciting new building and room designs with new equipment/products in each. Explorable spaces include: bays with brand new electrical apparatus; functioning robots, drones and state-of-the-art apparatus support; decontamination and transition zones; alongside laundering facilities that will transfer attendees from the traditionally dirty/red side of the fire station image, into the clean/green side.

FDIC International 2023 will allow attendees to gain an understanding of the future of the fire safety industry and better understand what is in store for their local fire station.

The increase in technology may be required, as both electrical fires and wildfires are both on the rise.