Explosion proof detectors

Finding the right cost-effective detector for hazardous areas in offshore environments is not always straightforward, but LGM Products’ HDL probe heat detectors offer an excellent new detection solution.

These ATEx and IECEx approved explosion proof detectors can be used in a range of settings including fire alarm, fire suppression or fire and gas detection systems. They can also be installed on a conventional line or on an addressable loop via a switch monitor module.

IP66 rated, the detectors are particularly designed for hazardous areas in harsh environmental and corrosive conditions as well as tough industrial settings.

The detectors are able to meet most specifications with a range of alarm temperatures available and several box sizes for increased terminal capacity. LGM Products also supplies a marine standard box for offshore and onshore applications.

LGM Products’ Sales Director, Nic Mogford-Revess said: “The versatility and durability of these heat detectors means they are particularly suitable for a range of on and offshore applications from drillships to wind turbines as well as oil and gas platforms.