Exploding tablet

America’s  giant Wal-Mart shop chain and computer manufacturers Yifang USA INC are facing a legal complaint and possible trial by jury in Los Angeles for negligence after the battery on a Nextbook Tablet exploded and injured a woman as well as burning her home to the ground.

Lawyers acting for Anna Munson allege that both Yifang and Wal-Mart knew about defects in the product yet failed to recall the tablet, repair the defect or warn owners about the safety dangers of the product.

“It is outrageous that Yifang and Wal-Mart would sell a product they knew to be defective without regard for their obligations to protect the consumers they serve,” said John Kristensen, the attorney for Munson.

“Instead of recalling the product, they slashed the prices and made a product with cheaper materials that are more prone to catastrophic failure. This includes a battery system that is prone to spontaneously burst into flames and start fires in people’s homes! As a result, our client has suffered scarring and disfigurement and almost lost her life.”


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