Evolution launches New Life Safety Systems Division

Evolution launches New Life Safety Systems Division

Evolution, the integrated international fire and security systems business, has created a range of specialist services with the launch of a new dedicated Life Safety Systems division.

The division is available for both new and existing clients and will build on the company’s 26 years of experience, expertise, and success of its fire safety systems team. The new division will aim to deliver a range of new services and technologies to accommodate a broader portfolio of environments and risks.

Evolution’s new services include the design, installation, and maintenance of critical safety systems including sprinklers, fire hydrants, automatic opening vents (AOVs), and gas suppression systems, as well as the provision of portable extinguishers.

It will also design and deliver Disabled Refuge solutions and Public Address/Voice Alarm (PA/VA) technologies in scenarios where the safe evacuation of large numbers of employees, residents, patients, or guests (e.g in hospitals and hotels) is key.

The Life Safety Systems division will also provide new technical services including fire risk assessments and strategic risk assessments, as well as ongoing inspections and repairs of fire door systems and passive fire protection services.

Expanded Portfolio

Sam Burgess, Fire and Life Safety Systems Account Manager at Evolution says its experience and knowledge of life safety and critical systems is recognised throughout the industry. He said: “Building on our extensive expertise of fire systems, there was a clear logic in extending our services into the wider Life Safety Systems environment.

“It means we can now provide new and existing clients with an expanded portfolio of services that help to ensure the protection of people, property, and assets, as well as supporting compliance.”