Dubai runs mock emergency to protect construction workers

Dubai runs mock emergency to protect construction workers

In an age where fire engineering and safety are advancing at a turbulent pace, tried techniques like mock site emergencies still save lives.

Over the course of this year, Dubai Municipality has conducted over 36,000 field surveillance visits on just under 15,000 construction sites during this year. The quantity of these visits is higher than previous years on record.

The campaign aims to spread awareness of proper safety protocol, promoting the concepts of structural safety and the on-site health of workers.

Whilst workers were carrying about their business, a mock, sudden evacuation order was given out, to test workers’ ability to quickly and safely pause work, and then head to designated evacuation areas on site.

The drill provided valuable information on the speed and efficiency of workers, alongside the potential of internal authorities to react to different occurrences on-site.

The campaign to save lives includes giving workers up-to-date information on PPE and on-site fire protection as a means of improving safety even during late/early hours or working with dangerous tools.

The campaign will continue into 2024 to further the health of these environments and protect workers within the Emirate.