Dubai Police caution motorists over importance of vehicle maintenance

Dubai Police caution motorists over importance of vehicle maintenance

Dubai Police have warned motorists to stay on top of their car maintenance as the number of incidents of car fires surges during the summer months.

Whilst cars can catch fire for many reasons, Dubai Police have said the main reason behind car fires in the city is the failure to get annual safety inspections done from reputable automotive service centres.

First Expert Ahmad Mohammad from Fire Section at the General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology said there were 94 car fires this year and most of the fires happened due to bad car services or traffic accidents.

Mohammad said: “Blazes were reported in cars, buses and trucks until April 10 this year. The main cause was poor inspection or getting the servicing done from non-certified garages.”

He said faulty wiring can lead to a malfunction in the car’s electrical system and cause fires: “Drivers should have regular service checks. They must ensure to take their cars for servicing at reputable garages and avoid unauthorised modifications or using parts that are not compatible with the electrical system of the vehicle.”

Additionally, Mohammad said that as soon as there is even a hint of a smoke, the driver and other passengers must exit the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible. He explained: “People should know how to use car fire extinguishers and what to do during car fires. It is important not to leave children alone in cars.”

In agreement, an official with Dubai Civil Defence said that drivers should check the radiator and engine oil before hitting the roads: “Vehicles contain several flammable liquids and material, and once a fire starts spreading, it can quickly escalate the danger. So, move away from the fire and call the emergency services or dial 997.”

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