Dubai AI-powered alerts protect over one million residents

Dubai AI-powered alerts protect over one million residents

Since the implementation of the technology at the start of the year, Dubai Civil Defences’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programmes have delivered fire safety alerts to more than one million residents in at-risk areas across Dubai.

The authority has used advanced technology to analyse six years of fire incident data to determine how, when and where blazes are most likely to occur.

Information gathered through the Dubai Readiness programme, which was launched in January, is used to identify residents who live in fire-prone ‘red zones’ which have recorded the highest number of fires.

“The AI is used to analyse the data of fires in recent years, identify the red zones and the reason behind the incidents,” Capt Essa Al Mutawa, Director of the control and monitoring department at Dubai Civil Defence stated.

Alerts are determined by the AI, then sent out based on events, location, altitude and such. Those in high-rise buildings in ‘red zones’ are extremely likely to receive alerts, especially during events such as Diwali, when many families fill their homes with candles and set off fireworks, sometimes even draping lights and other flammable decorations from the balconies.

The AI contributes to the goal of Dubai leadership, which is to make the city the safest place to live in the world.