Drones to bring benefits to firefighters

Drones to bring benefits to firefighters

In 2023, a number of innovative technologies will cause breakthroughs in the ways that firefighting forces deal with industrial fires.

These technologies are marketed toward and particularly relevant to the Middle East, due to the bustling industrial sector that dominates the region’s economy.

As of late, drones have become particularly efficient at gathering information about the spread of a fire.

“A drone can create a more holistic view of these fire scenes from multiple vantage points,” explained Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones. “Drones give you a complete picture of the scene while keeping humans out of harm’s way.”

Drones are a low-cost aerial thermal imagery solution, that can determine a perfect image even in situations that hold the lowest visibility for individuals.

Drones not only gather visual data during and post-event, but they can also be used for visual inspections, due to fewer safety requirements during tank inspections and the drones themselves reaching angles that otherwise would usually cost a large amount of time to reach.

Other technologies, such as advanced thermal imaging, allow for better scanning and protection against heat, as firefighters can map the hottest parts of a zone. Teams can also use imaging technology, such as the Reveal FirePRO X, to isolate and identify hotspots, faulty wiring and more.